Case Study Madagascar - WASH-Nutrition


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Case Study Madagascar - WASH-Nutrition

Dear SuSanA colleagues,

I would like to draw you attention to a brand new case study from Madagascar on the integration of WASH-Nutrition - developed by ACF and WaterAid.

Case study in English (direct download):
Case study in French (direct download):

The case study, ‘Towards effective integration of nutrition and WASH - the Madagascar experience’, is a collaboration between ACF and WaterAid teams in Madagascar and HQs aimed at documenting and sharing the progress and challenges Madagascar has experienced in improving coordination and integration of nutrition and WASH. It is based on in-country interviews with stakeholders involved from central and local government, NGOs and donors. It forms part of the work we are contributing to the SUN-SWA collaboration on WASH and Nutrition. The case study gives a balanced picture – noting the strong integration of WASH within the latest National Nutrition Plan launched last year (an advocacy success in and of itself!) and the way in which the National Nutrition Office (ONN) have championed this agenda – while also highlighting the major challenges for driving integrated action, such as the political uncertainty in Madagascar, the WASH Ministry and Ministerial changes in the country, and the comparative lack of donor attention and support.

Project Coordinator
German Toilet Organization
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Re: Case Study Madagascar - WASH-Nutrition

Dear all,

The case study is now also available for download in the SuSanA library under the following link:

Kind regards,
Ainul on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat
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