Image for flipchart WASH in Nut


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Re: Image for flipchart WASH in Nut

I doubt you will find high quality IEC drawings that specific, but did you have a look at the training material CAWST provides:
It is under a creative commons license so you can also legally adapt these to your needs (if you do, please share them again with us).
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Image for flipchart WASH in Nut


I am looking for images for a flipchart about WASH and nutrition in Tchad, with the following messages:
1.Arrange a protected space for children play, so they do not put soil or animal feces in their mouths
2.Wash the child daily with soap ( hand, face, bottom ) or when it is outside the protected area
3.Quick burial of children's faeces and associated washwater, cleaning with soap the cloth or ustensil (potty) used
4.The person in charge of the child should wash hands with soap after any contact with fecal material, and before preparing / serving food
5.Proper transport and storage of drinking water in the home
6.Boil or disinfect drinking water, at least water consumed by children aged from 6 to 24 months
7.Before breastfeeding, nipples should be washed with soap
8.Once weaned , avoid giving children the leftover food from the day before , or only once warmed

If you have some suggestion or images, can you send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.? Thanks!
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