A novel approach to integrate WASH-Nutrition-Health-Education activities in school-based interventions


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A novel approach to integrate WASH-Nutrition-Health-Education activities in school-based interventions

Dear all,

I am glad to share here with you an innovative concept Partnerships in Practice recently developed, which should hopefully be of interest to all of us who are busy reflecting upon novel approaches to enhance the sustainability of integrated WASH-Nutrition-Health-Education school-based interventions. It stems from thought-provoking conversations with David Schaub Jones from See-Saw (greenseesaw.com), and has been refined through numerous exchanges with WinS stakeholders in LAC, Africa and South-Asia.

You can discover a short summary of this concept by playing the attached PowerPoint Slide Show or by watching the short video below. It looks good, has a fabulous soundtrack, and I trust that you should find valuable ideas in it. The introduction goes as follows:

“Integration of WASH-Health-Nutrition-Education efforts raises new hopes. Yet how to make it happen successfully in school-based programmes remains unclear. The novel approach presented here suggests a practical way to achieve this objective. It builds upon existing practices and addresses the most fundamental challenges experienced by practitioners on the ground: a lack of effective incentive and monitoring mechanisms to boost stakeholders’ accountability. The approach, presented here in a relatively generic fashion and with greater emphasis put on WASH (water sanitation & hygiene), can be tailored to different context and objectives.”

Sounds appealing? Give it a try: it won’t take much of your time! And please share your views on it, whether you think it is relevant or not really, where it would make sense to pilot it and under which conditions... We are very keen to use your critical inputs to improve this concept.

Best wishes,

Jacques-Edouard Tiberghien, Partnerships in Practice

this short video
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