USAID Implementation Brief on WASH and Nutrition, 2015


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Re: USAID Implementation Brief on WASH and Nutrition, 2015

Dear Dan,

That brief was nice. Normally, we talk about WASH alone, adding nutrition only at times. The brief has brought WASH together with nutrition to the fore.

The Peru figures are impressive:

. Stunting decreased from 54 to 37 percent
• Anemia prevalence dropped from 76 to 52 percent
• Low serum retinol, an indication of vitamin A status, dropped from 30 to 5 percent

This shows how great the combined impact of WASH and nutrition is.

Hope, you will produce more such briefs in future.


F H Mughal
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USAID Implementation Brief on WASH and Nutrition, 2015

This USAID Implementation Brief was recently added to the USAID website.

Key Messages
1. Positive nutritional outcomes are dependent upon WASH interventions and nutrition actions.
2. Poor WASH conditions create an additional burden of undernutrition.
3. Many opportunities for co-programming WASH in nutrition programs exist and are described here.
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