Re: tropical enteropathy - key cause of child undernutrition?


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tropical enteropathy - key cause of child undernutrition?

Zimbabwe’s Perspective

A post in IPS News Agency on “Zimbabwe: Poverty Stunting Minds and Growth,” ( gives somewhat different perspective on stunting of children in Zimbabwe. As in indicated in the post by Ignatius Banda, stunting in Zimbabwe is attributed to poverty.

While it is true that stunting among children can also be due to poverty, as according to the UNICEF:

“Child poverty has reduced (their) mental health and is reponsible for poverty when they are adults,” said Dr. Jane Muita, UNICEF’s deputy resident representative in Zimbabwe.

“It (child poverty) results in lower skills and productivity, lower levels of health and educational achievement,” Dr. Muita said.

Aspect of lack of toilets, as was the reflection in India’s case, is not mentioned in the post. This tends to suggest that either sanitation is good in Zimbabwe (improved sanitation, so to say), or the comments in the post confined purposely to poverty.

Poverty and lack of toilets are, beyond doubt, major reasons for stunting among children.
Could any user kindly give some information on sanitation in Zimbabwe?

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