Working Group 12 meets in Stockholm @ World Water Week 2017


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Working Group 12 meets in Stockholm @ World Water Week 2017

Dear WASH-Nutritionists,

Thanks for a great working group meeting last week in Stockholm. I'm especially happy about our successful technical experiment to make remote participation possible - thanks Arno and Shobana for your support. Despite challenging internet connections, we had eight members joining from around the world.

Please find the minutes of the meeting in the attachment (--> you need to log-in first).

In a previous WG meeting, we decided that it would be helpful for navigation and interest to define four different work streams:
- Capacity Development:
- Research:
- Implementation:
- Policy/Advocacy:
For each of those work streams, we had a discussion table. Results of those will be posted for your additions and discussion in the respective sub-thread. Happy to hear your thoughts on those issues.

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