Lack of "reading culture"? And ideas on podcasts, audio books, online courses


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Re: Lack of "reading culture"?

The idea: "how about creating knowledge "audio-books" one can easily listen to while in a car or such," is good, but the problem is, it will create distraction, while driving. I don't think, traffic police will allow this.

From my own experience, I find that there is lack reading culture. People in water and sanitation sector are not quite knowledgeable. They tend to copy from other reports. In one department, the design of overhead reservior is taken from a document of 1932!!

For me, the best course of gaining a broad knowledge in a relatively short time, is by attending short-courses (e.g., at AIT, Bangkok), or workshops (e.g., at ADB, Manila). It is true that many documents are lying on the hard disc of computers, for reveiwing later, but we never get a chance to do so.

SuSanA needs to look at the possibilities of holding short-courses and workshops, once in a while, with the provision of financial aid (from international donor agencies), for participation.

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Re: Lack of "reading culture"?

You are right! I agree with you that SuSanA should look at the possibilities of organizing short-courses and workshops to fill a gap between theory and practice.
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Re: Lack of "reading culture"?

Well, yea, such courses are really very, very important. But it is not up to SuSanA to organise those... SuSanA is just a network, we have plenty of partner organisations who are already offering courses all over the world.
But SuSanA can help you find these courses...

See e.g. some information here in the WG 1 factsheet:

Information on courses is also here on the forum:

Then there is a list of courses that GIZ compiled in 2009:

And you can filter the 217 SuSanA partners by "education/research" by clicking on the selection item on the right hand side on this page:

It is up to the SuSanA partners to use the SuSanA network to advertise their courses (or to investigate demand for further courses), and up to the SuSanbA members to articulate if they still see gaps in courses for certain countries or subjects maybe...

Oh and here on the forum you also find interesting discussions on the topic of "capacity building":

About the podcasts with sanitation themes, I think this is quite interesting; I wonder which SuSanA partner(s) could pick this up or has maybe already done so in the past. Maybe as part of the online course which Chris Zurbrugg mentioned here?:

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