WIKI-SUSAN? Open Source!


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Re: WIKI-SUSAN? Open Source!

By the way, since it fits well to the topic:

There is also the Appropedia:

(Totally forgot mentioning that earlier; it's all licensed CC-by-SA)
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Re: WIKI-SUSAN? Open Source!

I know Appropedia would be very keen to have editors with skills and experiences in sanitation get more involved in adding and editing information.

As far as I can see, the main problem with opensource (and open edit) information is that there is potential for misleading information to be added when there is nobody better able to remove it. In addition, one sometimes wonders what the purpose would be of adding information that can be obtained from better sources elsewhere.

In my view (which I have discussed with Appropedia), it would be best to be a be a combination of alternative tech research, first hand case-studies and signposting to other good sources of information on the web. The problem is that to get a wiki into that kind of format takes a lot of effort and keen people.


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