Open Competition on Agriwaterpedia - sustainable use of water resources for food production


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Re: Open Competition on Agriwaterpedia

Thanks for the link to Agriwaterpedia!

Seems a bit like the groups within the giz should work together more closely, as this and SuSanA certainly share a lot of common topics.
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Open Competition on Agriwaterpedia - sustainable use of water resources for food production

forwarded E-Mail from GIZ, MS Kraemer, Friederike Johanna:

Dear colleagues and partners, is a NEXUS open source platform initiated in cooperation between GIZs Department 45 – “Rural Development and Agriculture” and the Department 44 – “Water, Energy and Transport” for the enhancement and compilation of knowledge and experience on one of the most crucial questions of the 21st century: sustainable use of water resources for food production. It provides practitioners and experts in development cooperation with approaches and good practices and draws data from experiences and lessons learned in the field from a variety of developing countries.

In order to increase the scope of the NEXUS open-source knowledge platform , an open competition has been launched to attract more articles from the diverse group of stakeholders in the water and agricultural sector.

With this open competition we invite global experts and all interested in the field of the water resources, food security and climate change to contribute their knowledge to this open source platform.

A jury of internationally renowned experts will choose and award the twenty-best contributions. The purpose of the open competition is to expand and enrich the content of this new knowledge platform to become a focal platform which enhances capacity for the sustainable use of water for food production.

We'd be obliged if you can circulate this call for contributions in your networks!

Please find attached a PDF file with guidelines for participation.

Kind regards,
your Agriwaterpedia-Team
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