Connecting SFDs (as a tool) to wetland conservation

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Connecting SFDs (as a tool) to wetland conservation


we are honestly thinking (out loud) about the possible connection between using an SFD in wetland conservation, maybe assessing the economic value of the wetland.

the idea is that we would like to link using an SFD (as an) assessing tool in economically valuing a wetland?

we have reached a point where the following was identified.

1) SFDs can be used to identify sanitation gaps -- hence, focusing on certain solutions -- hence, later increasing the economic value of the wetland

2) SFDs can (maybe?) contribute in calculating how much money is needed to fix the gap? hence maybe used in economic valuation (baseline)

could anyone be able to add to our brainstorming?? can we use SFDs as a tool to help assess economic value of a wetland? any discussion points are welcome.

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