Read the Forum in your own language! Use the "Select Language" button at the top (Google Translate)

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View the Forum in your own language! Use the "Select Language" button at the top (Google Translate)

If you prefer to read the Forum content in a language other than English, then click on the "Select Language" button at the top black menu bar. This is actually a Google Translate plug-in. It allows you to pick a language, click on it, and Google Translate will translate the entire page for you. *

There is also a button to go back to the original (English) version afterwards.

If the "Select Language" button is not relevant for you, you can hide it by going to "Basics" at the top right and clicking on "Deactivate translation".

How about giving it a try? The good news is that that Google Translate tool is bound to get better and better as the years go by. Perhaps 5 years from now the translations will be near perfect?! So far, they are still inaccurate, particularly for the lesser known languages, but in general it can give you a pretty good grasp of the content of the page.


* If the language of your choice is not listed in the Google Translate tool, then we are sorry but there is nothing we can do about it. You would have to contact Google.

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