Join us for the conversation, 'Building Local Capacity'


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  • I am a ceramic industrial designer focused on environmental health and development. Ceramics is ideally suited to addressing the urgent needs of low-income communities and countries. Those embracing ceramic developments will industrialize, gaining resilience and self-sufficiency.
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Join us for the conversation, 'Building Local Capacity'

Please join us for the conversation,*Building Local Capacity*

May 9th, Monday, 9:00am, New York time
Link to join:

Our conversation will expand upon our training in Rwanda during February and March.  Please have a look at the presentation of this training, ‘Sustainable Development for Rwanda,’

All the best, Reid
Anthony Reid Harvey, ceramic industrial designer
Africa Prosperity Inc.
Niagara Falls, NY USA
Here is a video presentation that gives an overview of ceramic WASH and development interventions:
Harvey, Anthony Reid (2021): Sanitary stoneware toilets: production closer to the need. Loughborough University. Conference contribution.
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