Unique Earth Flush Toilet


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Unique Earth Flush Toilet

Hello Friends on this forum,

I wanted to share this toilet design,  I recently thought of.  Anyone is welcome to copy or make improvements on it and build it.   I could also provide more instructions how to do so.   The video can also be seen at www.PleaseExploreIt.com .   Any suggestions.

Thank you so much
Amos Bender

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Amish background. Natural born questioner, researcher, and developer.

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Re: Unique Earth Flush Toilet

It is a brilliant work.
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Re: Unique Earth Flush Toilet

Hi Amos,

Thank you very much for your share. Your desigt is really creative and applicable. There is a similar device in China now, which is called the Toilet Machine. The principle is the same. It uses earthlike medium in the toilet trunk to mix with the feces, while the urine goes to a separate container. The difference is that an electrical mixer is used instead of the handle swinger. In my view, the shorter the pipe, the less fecal stain is on the surface.  

Best regards,

Sam Shan
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