Sanitation interventions during Ebola epidemic


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Re: Question re: latrine sludge temperatures and Ebola

joeturner wrote: New research just published on Ebola survival in faeces:

Can't access the full article, but I would advise caution with the 30°C figures. The longer survival times of the substitute bacterio-phage at 22°C is likely an adaption to natural environment. The Ebola virus might on the other hand show the opposite pattern as its "natural" environment should be closer to body temperature.

Edit: it should also be noted that the infectious dose of Ebola is relatively low and thus 99.99% reduction of highly contaminated faeces might not be sufficient.

Btw for reference, I came across this article describing the occurance of Ebola virus in stool samples, but the urine seems to be not a transmission vector:
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