Conversion of Leaching Pits into Septic tanks


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Re: Conversion of Leaching Pits into Septic tanks

Hi Mayor.
Curious about the need to replace pits with septic tanks on a large scale.  Sharing experience from identifying pits in Alleppey, Kerala. We are yet to get them replaced.  

In small towns and villages, terms are often used interchangeably, that is all type of  on-site systems are referred to as septic tanks.  We found the same in Alleppey during our interactions with masons and contractors. We then conducted a household survey and found that most households have a pit. This was followed by a more detailed survey of identifying households that had space for a new OSS. This exercise needed a layout plan for each plot that needed a replacement. 

Interestingly, we did all this by engaging university students in summer and winter schools (reports available here ). They were involved in household surveys and then identifying locations where new OSS could be built for each of the plots. The Government has in-principle agreed to finance such replacement for a few hundred households along the canals based on certain criteria like plot size, income, etc. But as I said earlier, we are yet to implement it. 

Curious to know if this confusion in terminology used is also prevalent where you are working and if yes, how do you plan to distinguish pit from septic tanks.

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Conversion of Leaching Pits into Septic tanks

Dear all,

We as Detailed Engineering Design consultants in Eastern Asian  a low income group country have been assigned the task for converting existing leeching pits at household (HH) level into septic tank. 
As we all know there are two constraints at HH level, finance and the availability of space for locating septic tank. Anyone having experience of undertaking this gigantic task at a District level by using PPP Model would do us a great favour by sharing his /her valuable experience.

Thanks & regards,

Mayor Kumar
Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist
Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist

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