Stabilising brick VIP latrines in softer soils (Zimbabwe)


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Re: Stabilising brick VIP latrines in softer soils (Zimbabwe)

Dear Mr. Morgan,

I would surely go for brick work to support the latrines in soft soils, because, in the rural areas of Pakistan, usage of bricks is extensive. They are freely available, and at a relatively lower costs. The masons in rural areas here are well-trained in the use of bricks. Bricks are widely used in villages here for building houses.

As regards the ‘holding on,’ I think, this entirely depends on the workmanship and, the ‘quality’ of the cement-concrete used in jointing the bricks.


F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan
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Stabilising brick VIP latrines in softer soils (Zimbabwe)

Dear Readers,

You may be interested to read this report which describes an attempt to stabilise brick built VIPs in softer soils where the water table rises high in the ground at certain times. I am told that so far, after about a year, quite large numbers have been built in this way and are holding up well. As usual - only time will tell! Obviously the lighter the structure the better - but brick toilets are not light - hence the challenge.

Best wishes

Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan
Harare, Zimbabwe

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