BabyWASH Coalition - The Way Forward


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BabyWASH Coalition - The Way Forward

The BabyWASH Coalition is a group of organisations focused on increasing integration between the water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), early childhood development (ECD), nutrition, and maternal newborn and child health (MNCH) sectors to improve child well-being in the first 1000 days. We recognise that there are many policy, attitudinal, and funding barriers to integration. Therefore, our aim is to leverage our collective strengths to decrease these barriers. We will do this through an increased focus on advocacy, the development of integration metrics, and the publishing of programme guidance.

For those unfamiliar with the Coalition, please view the attached guiding document for the Coalition, and visit for more information.

The Coalition is prioritizing three different workstreams:
1) Programme guidance for integration (toolkit creation for programme implementers)
2) Advocacy for integration (with funders and policy makers)
3) Metric creation for integration

There is also some excitement around the idea of providing BabyWASH guidance in emergency contexts as well as resource mobilization for the concept.

We are looking for organisations who want to take part in each of the workstreams as well as ideas on how best to move each workstream forward. Please post ideas below so we can discuss them and continue to move the idea of integration forward.

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