Sign and share The ECOTRANSPARENCY petition "Sanitation and Water for Everyone"


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Sign and share The ECOTRANSPARENCY petition "Sanitation and Water for Everyone"

Hello Everybody,This is our first post here and not the last !! :)

ECOTRANSPARENCY is a social enterprise that invests into sustainable programs to solve sanitation crisis in Africa.

Ecotranparency aims to:
• Ensure a healthy environment in central African region
• Boost Economic development
• Improve the environment

According to UNICEF report (2012) an estimated 2.5 billion people does not have access to improved sanitation, this corresponds to 41% of the global population.

The petition “Clean Water and Safe sanitation” was implemented to raise awareness about a huge crisis in Africa but also to allow each one to participate to the change in his/her community and to support the Ecotranparency 2013 project “the development of hygienic toilet”.

Unlike HIV or AIDS, basic sanitation does not need to undertake further research to find a cure, so action must be taken to develop sustainable sanitation program.

Ecotranparency believes we all have the skills and capacity to solve sanitation issues now as it only requires leadership and commitment by the communities to give the issue appropriate priority.

Africa needs YOU!

Ecotransparency calls to individuals, communities, NGO, businesses to support an innovative sustainable sanitation project in Africa.

Follow the link, sign the petition and tell to your friend, neighbor, classmates or co-workers.

Ecotransparency petition is mainly to raise people awareness on sanitation emergency in Africa and to support our 2013 Campaign,the developement of hygienic toilet in Central Africa.

Dont forget to sign our petition here
"Everybody Actions count"
Raise your voice to reduce sanitation crisis, basic related diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid and malaria need to be eradicated. We need to take action now!

Eco transparency believes that sustainable strategies could help solve sanitation and water crisis.

Stand for social equity, for a community where each individual merge together and make the difference.

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