Justice and toilets - The Link Between Functioning Toilets and Justice (videos by Open Society Foundations)


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Justice and toilets - The Link Between Functioning Toilets and Justice (videos by Open Society Foundations)

I found this link (here) about justice and toilets. Very interesting - a bit comercial but well done and interesting approach (from what I could see).

Does anyone know about the private services they talk in the beginning? Because this would be the enterpreneurs we allways are discussing??? or not?

Any thought or deeper knowledge?

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Re: justice and toilets

Sounds to me like it refers to whatever companies that the government has contracted with to provide the various public or quasi-public services. Whoever they are, they have apparently failed in their duty.

I'm loving the concept of the "social audit"! :)
Kai Mikkel Førlie

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Re: justice and toilets

Noting Christoph's objections, I have started a new thread about the role of multinationals in sanitation delivery forum.susana.org/forum/categories/161-sa...s-bad-for-the-sector
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Re: justice and toilets

Dear Christoph,

The following ADB publication is interesting:

Proceedings of the Second South Asia Judicial Roundtable on Environmental Justice

available at:

In addition, the attached publication on The Human Rights to Water and Sanitation in Courts Worldwide, will interest you. This was circulated by Hannah Neumeyer, Head of Human Rights Team - WASH United gGmbH Blücherstraße 22, 10961 Berlin, Germany


F H Mughal
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