Composting toilets near Nairobi or Naivasha, Kenya


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Re: Composting toilets near Nairobi or Naivasha, Kenya

Dear April and fellows,

if you are still actively working for the project you could come to my homeplace in Western Kenya (next to Kitale) and I can show you my self-made, low-cost composting toilet solution based on a ground stabilising ring beam with a cement slab. I based it on the experience and research of Peter Morgan.


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Re: Fwd: Reply: Composting toilets near Nairobi or Naivasha, Kenya

Dear April,

I have read your posting in regard to your request for a composing toilet.We are a Swedish sustainable toilet technology company called Ecoloo.We offer unique $patented innovations and Environmental solutions.

Our toilets are permanent,Odour-Free and Long term toilets.

For more information, check our website .

Ecoloo has Established its subsidiary to represent Africa.Ecoloo Africa offices shall be located in Nairobi Kenya.

Please contact my Email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

My Kenyan mobile No is +254722975662.


Abdifatah Mohamed Ecoloo Africa President.
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Composting toilets near Nairobi or Naivasha, Kenya

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum but have been reading many posts over the last few days. I am volunteering for an organization that works in Kibera called Kounkuey Design Initiative. KDI transforms waste spaces into productive public spaces. We are currently exploring decentralized sanitation options for one of our projects. We are looking to bring community members to see examples of different technologies to help them decide which one is best for them.

I am having troubles finding composting toilet examples around Nairobi or maybe even Naivasha. There are plenty of UDDT/dry composting toilets, but we'd also like to see something that does not separate urine from solid waste. Does anyone know of any projects that we could see?

Thanks in advance,
April Schneider
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