MHM Practices & Beliefs Survey Ethiopia, Sierra Leone & Liberia


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Re: MHM Practices & Beliefs Survey Ethiopia, Sierra Leone & Liberia

Hi, Kimmy, I am researching the same topic - surveying practices and their attendant attitudes - but not yet focused on a specific geographical region. I'm currently reviewing surveys (looking worldwide), so very interested in what you are doing. I'd love to compare notes on approaches and methodologies.
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MHM Practices & Beliefs Survey Ethiopia, Sierra Leone & Liberia

I'm new here and have been encouraged to make a first post. I am the Founder & ED of A Woman's Worth, Inc. We are currently (right now this very minute!) surveying on menstruation hygiene & practices in 3 countries; Ethiopia, Liberia & Sierra Leone. We will be publishing and making available to those in the WASH sector our full reports. As a fairly new and young organization I will be referencing these forums often. As early as next week we will have our fist survey back of 500 girls and women from 3 regions in Ethiopia and June 1st our first data from Sierra Leone comes in. If anyone would like to connect on this or has any valuable advice I certainly would love to read it. Thank you for approving my registration. I look forward to reading every single thread here.

Kimmy Cash-Fairbaugh
A Woman's Worth, Inc.
Kimmy Cash
Founder, Executive Director
A Woman's Worth, Inc.
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