Global Giving donation: to train physically challenged girls and produce reusable sanitary pads (Nigeria)


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Global Giving donation: to train physically challenged girls and produce reusable sanitary pads (Nigeria)

Hi colleagues,

How is it going, I hope everything is going well with you. We recently got accepted to this incredible crowd funding site called “Global Giving” It’s a HUGE opportunity for us to raise enough funds to “train physically challenged girls and produce reusable sanitary pad” for vulnerable female prison/reprimand inmates and rural school girls and women negatively impacted by limited access to affordable and available hygienic sanitary materials. This campaign is a huge exposure for us, but the initial requirements to gain a permanent spot on the site are tough, starting from 10th to 28th June we have 18 days to raise $5,000 from 40 donors. It seems manageable but going to need as much help as we can get from our partners and supporters.

There is one day on the campaign, June 20 “Bonus Day”
Global Giving matches a portion of the first $20,000 worth of funds. In addition on this “Bonus Day” there are 2 prizes awarded.
1. To the organization that raise the most money
2. To the organization that has the most donor

Please don’t think, I am asking you to donate, but if you can that will be highly appreciated, however I was wondering if you knew of any co-worker or friend who may be willing to support in any possible way on 20 June. Every little bit counts. There are links that explain what our organization does and easy link to the donation page.
Thank you so much and remember no pressure at all! I hope to hear from you soon

Best Regards,
Daniel Ifegwu Iroegbu

Founder/Executive Director
Daniel Iroegbu Global Health Foundation
61 Nike Lake Road, Trans-Ekulu
Enugu State
Skype: dannyifeg
Twitter: @dannyogwo
Daniel Ifegwu Iroegbu

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