Improving the biodegradability of micro-algae biomass


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  • I am a career researcher and academic. I strive to design water and wastewater treatment processes that can mitigate climate change, promote the green economy concept, allow for resource recovery, and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals particularly SDG6 and SDG7.
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Improving the biodegradability of micro-algae biomass

Algae-based technologies such as algae-based sewage treatment provides an opportunity for water recovery for
re-use, greenhouse gases mitigation, and biomass (micro-algae) generation. The biomass can be further digested through anaerobic digestion to produce bioenergy in the form of biogas. However, the structure and composition of the biomass does not favour anaerobic digestion. I am currently on the lookout for techniques that could be used to improve the biodegradability of the micro-algae biomass. Has anyone tried ozonolysis pre-treatment?
I have five years of experience in Research and Academia. I have developed leadership and organizational skills, and management experience in tutoring, mentoring, and community involvement at all levels. I have published widely on water and wastewater management and given several talks at international conferences.

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