Microbial Fuel Cells - Treat and clean waste streams - create Algae


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Microbial Fuel Cells - Treat and clean waste streams - create Algae

Hello from Scotland. We are a new company called MPower World. We have been working with a team of scientists from Edinburgh University and have created a patented Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). As you may be aware, MFCs take all kinds of organic waste and convert it into clean water and free electricity.

Being in Scotland, our first project was treating waste (Pot Ale) from the whisky making process. This was for the world’s largest drinks brand. As you can see from the attached press story, we also set up pilots in Moscow (to treat vodka) and Okinawa (to treat rice wine).

As well as cleaning waste, we have also created the facility to make high value Algae from our system, using a Photo Bioreactor. The production of Algae allows us to reduce the cost of the MFC system.

As well as the above products, MFCs can be used for farm waste (pigs, chickens etc), municipal waste, food factory waste, sewage, etc etc. Our scientists have just created a ‘bug’ which works exclusively on acetate which would allow us to treat oil spills etc.

We would like to hear from organisations around the world and in particular in India where our technology could be implemented. Reading through the posts, it seems that this technology is used (small scale i.e. converting urine to electricity and clean water). We could down-scale our technology for this use.

Our ultimate aim is to clean up the Ganges (!) where HSBC and The World Wildlife Fund already have a project started. Happy to provide you with any further information on this exciting new technology. Although MFCs are widely talked about on Google, we believe we are the only company which has demonstrated the large scale use of this technology in pilots in Scotland, Japan and Russia.

Our First Minister here in Scotland – Nicola Sturgeon has sent us a personal letter of support. Nicola recently met up with President Obama and Bill Gates to discuss Scotland’s interests in the Environment.

Hope this above will be of interest to members of SuSanA.

Jack McLaughlin
Director – MPower World


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