A review on methods for estimating quantities of Faecal Sludge produced in Urban India


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  • I am a Environmental Engineer, currently pursing PhD in Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I am working on Faecal Sludge Management for a town. I am looking for collaboration to provide solution for FSM by experimental investigation on FS from different onsite containment and paper publications.
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A review on methods for estimating quantities of Faecal Sludge produced in Urban India

I have presented a poster "A review on methods for estimating quantities of Faecal Sludge produced in Urban India" in 1st International Conference of Urban Science and Engineering Mumbai, India: 28-29 February 2020. Please find the attachments.

Following text added from poster by the moderator:
Approach and Methodology:
This paper systematically reviewed the literature from leading database and used meta-analysis to identify the approaches used to quantify sludge production in OSS. 63 documents which mentioned about sludg quantification were identified in which 23 studies (including government documents) talking about the quantification of FS were analysed.

Results and Conclusion: 
It was found in literature review that there are two theoretical approaches (i) sludge production method, (ii) sludge collection methods are being used for FS quantification. Sludge production method estimates the FS at household level, it is further divided into 2 sub methods, (i) calculation by amount of excreta produce, (ii) calculation using FS produced and accumulation in OSS.

This study concludes that, for design of FSM for Indian conditions basic research on excreta produced and its degradation properties in different OSS is required.
I have completed my BE in civil engineering with a distinction in 2011.
From 2011-2013 I worked as a software engineer in IBM.
later I completed my master in environmental engineering in NIT Warangal . My Mtech thesis was done in NEERI, Nagpur on "Indoor air pollution in micro-environments".
In 2015. I joined academics as Assistant professor and worked on issues like the design of landfill, MSW management, Air pollution, Decontamination of geomaterials, etc.
Currently, I am doing my PhD in faecal sludge management.

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