Situation Analysis of Pit Ltrines in Peri Urban Mzuzu, Malawi


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Situation Analysis of Pit Ltrines in Peri Urban Mzuzu, Malawi

Greeting All,

My name is Rashid Chiposa and I am currently studying for Master of Science degree in Sanitation by research at Mzuzu University. The project principle investigator in Malawi is Dr. Rochelle Holm.

The focus of my study is “What is a Mzuzu pit latrine” a snapshot of pit latrines in peri-urban, Mzuzu. Specifically the study evaluates household practices on pit latrines and characterizes the feacal sludge. It also presents the dimensions of the current superstructure and substructure of the pit latrines.

It further presents an analysis of feacal sludge characteristics and environmental factors that influence the variability of feacal sludge in pit latrines. This is a very interesting study and I am looking forward to sharing notes with those that are already or intend to undertake such a study elsewhere.

Warm regards,
Rashid Chiposa.

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