World Toilet Day event in London (seeking venue)


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World Toilet Day event in London (seeking venue)

I am currently working with Shawn Shafner of The POOP Project. During the week around World Toilet Day the documentary 'FLUSH' will be made available for free screenings in private and public settings (More info on the film below)

I would like to organize a showing in London either on Friday the 17th or Sunday the 19th November. I have no budget for the event, so am looking for ideas for venues who might be able to provide space or organizations who might like to partner. Any suggestions are welcome.

I can be contacted directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



What the FLUSH?
Director Karina Mangu-Ward has a hunch that the unprecedented damage from Superstorm Sandy, the drought out West, and the future of our food supply have a lot to do with how we flush. So she gives herself a challenge: follow one flush from beginning to end. FLUSH is the story of everything that happens next, and the cultural, political, and corporate forces shaping the way we deal with bodily waste in America today.

More at
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