Emissions from crude dumping at landfills


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Re: Emissions from crude dumping at landfills

talking about poor waste management, this is so alarming.
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Re: Emissions from crude dumping at landfills

Hi Sir,

First your questions and answers to them are very simple.

If you encounter high methane generation in  a dumping yard, you should understand there is high organic waste present , along with pĺastic , paper or so.

If You u wish to Solve those Issues, you can work on a Bio- Methanization plants for Electricity Production and Bio-compost production from Sludges.

With Best Regards

Sathis Sayeenath.
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Emissions from crude dumping at landfills

Dear All,Sharing a  piece  that highlights high methane emissions from landfills in big Asian cities. It relies on information from a Canada-based monitoring company  GHGSat .  The piece also mentions that the sources of methane in developed countries such as US are coal and gas where as it is unmanaged and faulty waste management and agriculture related in India and other Asian countries (see graph below). 

While there is no denying that waste management is poor and a visisble issue in most South Aisan countries, I am not sure if the solution is as simple as segregating and composting. I mean, while it will certainly solve the SWM challenge but will it also reduce emissions? Please feel free to point to studies that quantify the reduction in emissions due to improved SWM.  The other doubt I have is if the piece makes valid comparison at all (from the perspective of waste management systems). It compares only methane emissions at country level.  For situations where waste is incinerated, methane will not be emitted but it will still contribute to GHG emissions. Again, if you happen to come across studies that compare emissions from different SWM or waste management systems in general, please share.  Regardsparesh 
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