New Blog Series - Integrating Fecal Sludge & Solid Waste Management


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New Blog Series - Integrating Fecal Sludge & Solid Waste Management

Hello everyone! I thought you all may be interested to see a new 5-part blog series that FLUSH collaborated on with WASTE and DalO Systems to explore integrating waste business and operating models. The overall story is that - it can be done, and has! Now we just have to figure out how to do it well.

The five blogs in the series have the following themes:
  1. WE HAVE A (WASTE) PROBLEM , we learned that the world has a waste problem with both solid and fecal waste. 
  2. SOURCE SEPARATION IS WASTE’S ACHILLES HEEL  shows the importance of segregation of wet waste and dry waste to facilitate the linking of the two sectors
  3. CIRCULAR (SANITATION) ECONOMY BUSINESS MODELS  discusses the opportunity to integrate solid waste management (SWM) and fecal sludge management (FSM) to create effective waste business models. 
  4. BUSINESS MODELS IN PRACTICE  we shared how the day-to-day operations of an integrated waste management system would work.
  5. INCREASING INTEGRATED WASTE IMPACT: BRINGING IT TO PRACTICE  highlights one of WASTE’s developments in practice via its Collaborative Local Urban Environmental Services (CLUES) City Assessment.
Check it all out on WASTE's site, and let me know if you have questions!
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Re: New Blog Series - Integrating Fecal Sludge & Solid Waste Management

Dear Kimmee,

It is a common problem that Solid waste is disposed of in sanitation facilities mostly by households lacking solid waste management options across the globe. Menstrual hygiene products and various domestic waste are the most prevalent solid waste present in pit latrines. This echoes the need for countries to enact laws and standards for sanitation systems and they must be adequately enforced and there is a great need for community awareness on SWM coupled with waste collection services.  For many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, waste management has continued to be one of the greatest challenges facing  OSS and FSM systems and interventions.

In as much as it is not a recent problem, the volume of waste being generated continues to increase at a faster rate than the ability of service providers to improve on the financial and technical resources needed to curb this growth. Currently, Zambia for example is struggling to manage its waste under tight budgets, and highly inadequate and malfunctioning waste management
systems. In most urban areas in Zambia, only a small fraction of the waste generated daily is collected and safely disposed of. The rest is anyone’s guess

Therefore, having looked at the website and followed the Blog series, I would like to appreciate the holistic approach being taken to overcome this challenge. Considering this is a targeted approach involving different players, how do you ensure buy-in at the different levels of intervention, being well aware that if one stakeholder within the chain does not fully buy into the intervention then that affects the 'Diamon'?

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