Hygiene and waste - drawing competition for children (Mongolia)


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Hygiene and waste - drawing competition for children (Mongolia)

Nowadays everyone has to participate to some extent in the case of the benefit and quality of life on earth. Last March, we organized a drawing competition for children up to 18 years. Subject competition "Nice to live without garbage in my village." They were divided into three parts. Below 10 years, 15 years and below 18 years. Children painted the world beautiful. They showed what they wanted to live in the kind of world. What do they want. Trash it affects hygiene. This issue is very important for Asia, Africa and Latin America. In some places in Europe also raised this issue. Each hand concerns garbage and do not wash your hands or bad washes hands. There is no water or no conditions. Here we must take a cautious approach from the different parties. Therefore, this topic should be discussed.

Sincerely Enhdooren.

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