Hygiene Promotion Guidelines Development Consultant - Liberia


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Hygiene Promotion Guidelines Development Consultant - Liberia

Position Title: Hygiene Promotion Guidelines Development Consultant
Duty Station: Monrovia, Liberia
Supervisor: Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Hygiene Promotion Subcommittee
Consulting Period: August 1st 2013 through August 30th 2013
Apply at: chfinternational.devhire.devex.com/jobs/327969
Deadline for applications: 31st July 2013

The purpose of this position is to develop Liberia’s National Hygiene Promotion Guidelines. The guidelines will be used to provide a consistent approach to hygiene promotion and behavior change in the WASH sector. The guidelines will:
• Include key approaches and methodologies of hygiene promotion and behavior change and the suitability of different approaches in a range of Liberian contexts e.g. schools, health facilities, food processing and services, water providers, waste disposal businesses, personal hygiene, and community hygiene
• Consider the complex context in Liberia including rural and urban areas as well as development and relief environments
• Provide guidance on the process for hygiene promotion message development and approval, including specified institutional roles and responsibilities.
• Be developed with significant interaction with all stakeholders in the WASH sector and other relevant sectors
• Identify “best practices” in hygiene promotion and their suitability for the Liberian context
• Define the roles of government ministries, NGOs, UN Agencies, and community members.

Duties and responsibilities:
The Hygiene Promotion Guidelines Development Consultant will develop National Guidelines in consultation with the Hygiene Promotion Subcommittee and relevant actors in the WASH and education sectors. The work will include a desk review, facilitating a participatory workshop with key stakeholders, designing the guidelines and writing a complete draft. Once the guidelines are developed and accepted, the information will be disseminated in a workshop.

• University degree in a WASH-related field or Public Health
• 5 years experience in WASH, Behavior Change Communication or Public Health work in developing countries, especially West Africa
• Experience developing hygiene promotion frameworks and guidelines
• Experience facilitating a workshop forum
• Excellent writing and communication skills
• Availability in August and September 2013
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