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BORDA is hiring a short term Consultant for an assignment on "Rapid Assessment of Integrated Urban Water Management in Small Town".


Description of the project:
The Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association (BORDA e.V.) is an expert-NGO specialising in sanitation. For 40 years now, our award-winning solutions empower people and set new standards in 25+ countries.

The South Asia programme’s core activities are mainly financed by the BMZ, EU and BMGF. One of the important on-going projects tiled “Promotion of integrated urban water management as the core municipal public services is financed by BMZ. The project envisages development of an integrated urban water management program that aims at generating holistic solutions, at the city/town level, by putting the focus on water at the centre of planning and implementing municipal public services. The key target countries for implementation have been India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Description of the mandate:
The purpose of this consultancy mandate is to develop an action plan, with two small high altitude South Asian towns (Leh & a small town in Nepal), to help improve integrated urban water management over the short, medium and long term.

The main objectives of the consultancy are the following:
1. Provide scoping and research into IUWM and related implementation & planning frameworks. Identify best practice examples and
develop a practical rapid assessment tool that can be used in two small high altitude South Asian towns.
2. To identify and recommend promising intervention lines to help improve integrated urban water management in the two towns.

Key Task:
1. Desktop study on the status of integrated water management in the two towns and IUWM implementation & planning frameworks,
supported by interviews with key stakeholders.
2. Rapid assessment tool development.
3. Round table consultations with key stakeholders on the tool for local feedback and adaptation.
4. Rapid assessment tool implementation in the two towns in cooperation with local authorities and partners.
5. From collected assessment data, develop an action plan report with key priority recommendations for the short (Quick wins), medium
and long term.
6. Present the report findings and recommendations to key stakeholders in the two towns.
7. Issue final report (20 pages max) including feedback from presentations with key stakeholders.

To be able to fulfill these tasks, the consultant will rely on:
• Desktop review and analysis of relevant documentation (provided by BORDA and its partners, his/her own networks, and through deeper
• Interviews and round table meetings (face-to-face or by phone/skype) with key resource persons from relevant organisations, local
authorities and sector experts
• Well planned and executed implementation of the rapid assessment tool

Qualifications of the Consultant:
It is required that the mandate will be undertaken by an expert with:
• Proven academic and professional experience in the fields of urban water and sanitation, waste management, urban development
• Professional experience with the implementation of urban water and sanitation infrastructure in developing / transition countries
• Professional experience with the development or implementation of institutional management structures for urban water and sanitation
infrastructure in developing / transition countries
• Professional experience with advisory services in South Asia
• Strong capacities in stakeholder engagement, coordination and participative planning
• Knowledge or experience with water and waste issues in high altitude towns in South Asia
• Familiarity with current trends in urban water and sanitation and linkages to Agenda 2030/SDGs and Climate Change
• Oral and written fluency in English.

The total available time budget for the proposed assignment is estimated at a maximum of 40 days over the period January 2020 to Mid-March 2020.

Expected deliverables & timeline:
Project Start: 05.01.2020
Submit detailed inception report (based on implementation proposal): 13.01.2020
Submit draft rapid assessment tool for review (before stakeholder consultations): 20.01.2020
Conduct field visits and round table meetings in each town: 20.01.2020 - 15.02.2020
Implement rapid assessment tool in each town: 20.01.2020 - 15.02.2020
Submit draft action plan for review: 24.02.2020
Submit final action plan and summary activity report: 15.03.2020

Application Procedure:
Based on this ToR, interested consultants must provide the following documents:
• an implementation proposal, with a work programme and budget (max 5 pages)
• an updated CV showing compliance with the required qualifications

Deadline for application: Thursday, 26th of December 2019

Contact and Programme Administration
The contract will be administered by BORDA. Interested parties should send applications to:
Mr. Alex Wolf, Regional Coordinator, South Asia

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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