JOB OPENING: EkoLakay Chief Operating Officer (COO)


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JOB OPENING: EkoLakay Chief Operating Officer (COO)

SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) has been working in Haiti to transform wastes into resources since 2006. We are committed to developing a sustainable social Impact business model for our innovative household toilet service, EkoLakay, that provides access to safe, dignified sanitation for residents of dense urban communities in northern Haiti. Launched in 2011, the EkoLakay service in Cap-Haitien currently has over 800 clients that pay on a monthly basis for the service. SOIL and the EkoLakay team are planning to expand this service to 8000 clients for the year 2025.

Job Summary:
This is a 1-2 year assignment with the objectives of setting the business on course and building the capacity of the team to ensure continued growth beyond the contract period. Reporting to SOIL’s Deputy Director, this position will work directly with SOIL’s Cap-Haitien EkoLakay Director and Regional Director to ensure that EkoLakay:

• Meets or exceeds the EkoLakay service’s 2019-2020 performance targets (these are both financial and service quality related),
• Develops the structure and organizational capability to sustainably expand the service to 8,000 clients over the next 5 years.

Please see attachment for more information or go to SOIL's website link here for more information on the posting and how to apply:
Nick Preneta, MPH
Director of Strategy, SOIL
Haiti: 011-4-733-8104
US: 541-326-7845

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