WASH jobs/consultancies (13 June)


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WASH jobs/consultancies (13 June)

You can find the links to these WASH positions here or the direct links in the attached document.


1) External Emergency Roster (WASH) – World Health Organization (WHO) (Various): 20 June

2) French speakers: Senior Water and Sanitation Engineer – African Development Bank (AfDB) (Ivory Coast): 13 June

3) Humanitarian WASH Adviser – Save the Children (London): 17 June

4) WASH Cluster and Infrastructure Coordinator – United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Ukraine): 19 June

5) Project Manager (WASH) – ACTED (Iraq): Until filled

6) French speakers: Responsable de Projet WASH – ACTED (Ivory Coast): Until filled

7) French speakers: Coordinateur Technique WASH – ACTED (Haiti): Until filled

158) OFDA WASH Program Manager – CARE (Jordan): Until filled

9) French speakers: Emergency WASH Program Manager – Mercy Corps (DRC): Until filled

10) Arabic speakers: Lebanon nationals: WASH Expert Assistant – Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (Beirut): 30 June

11) WASH M&E Senior Consultant – ITAD (United Kingdom): 14 June

12) WASH Project Manager – Terre des Hommes (Iraq): Until filled

13) WASH Project Lead – Global Communities (Liberia): Until filled

14) French speakers: Responsable de Projet WASH – ACTED (Haiti): Until filled

15) WASH Engineering Specialist – Mercy Corps (Yemen): Until filled

16) WASH Coordinator – Oxfam (Yemen): 13 June

17) WASH – SNFI Program Manager – Hand in Hand for Syria (Turkey): 8 June

18) WASH Technical Lead – WaterAid (Nigeria): 15 June

19) WASH Head of Department – Action Against Hunger (Nigeria): 14 June

20) Senior Project Coordinator (WASH Department) – Polish Humanitarian Action (Iraq): 14 June

21) Arabic speakers: WASH Project Manager – Oxfam (Lebanon): 14 June

22) WASH Cluster Co-Lead – Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees (Afghanistan): 18 June

23) Somalia nationals: WASH Officer (Cluster Coordination) – United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Somalia): 17 June

24) French speakers: WASH Officer – Oxfam Intermón (Central African Republic): 17 June

25) Philippines nationals: WASH Advisor – Oxfam (Manila): 19 June

26) WASH Cluster Co-Coordinator – Oxfam (Yemen): 19 June

27) Project Development Officer (WASH) – SEED Madagascar (Madagascar): 1 July (Starts as internship, turns into full-time position)

178) WASH Coordinator – FHI 360 (Yemen): 30 June

179) WASH Sanitation Expert – United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Beirut): 15 June

30) Project Officer (Hygiene Promotion through Routine Immunization) – WaterAid (Nepal): 15 June

31) French speakers: Program Associates – Aquaya (Africa): Until filled

32) French speakers: Research & Program Manager – Aquaya (Nairobi): Until filled

33) WASH Cholera Program Manager – Solidarités International (South Sudan): Until filled

34) WASH Program Manager – Solidarités International (South Sudan): Until filled

35) WASH/Emergency Coordinator – Solidarités International (Jordan): Until filled

36) WASH Coordinator – Solidarités International (Yemen): Until filled

37) French speakers: Un Chargé de Plaidoyer Eau, Assainissement et Hygiène – Action Contre La Faim (Paris): Until filled

38) Chief WASH – United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Malawi): 22 June

39) WASH Project Manager – Croix-Rouge Française (Iraq): Until filled


40) Lead Consultant (Gender Analysis of WASH) – UN Women (Jordan): 20 June

41) Philippines nationals: Civil Engineer consultant for WASH to support the WE CARE Project – Oxfam (Philippines): 13 June

42) International Consultant (WASH) – American Red Cross (Micronesia): 24 June

43) French speakers: Consultant (Expert WASH et le Planification d'Evaluation) – Social Impact (Dakar): Until filled

44) Consultant national pour la documentation des réalisations du Programme dans le domaine Eau Hygiène et Assainissement de prévention et de réponse aux épidémies de cholera – United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Cameroon): 14 June

45) Myanmar nationals: WASH Consultant (Water Supply and WASH in School Works) – United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (Myanmar): 17 June

46) Proposal Writer – SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (Nairobi): 14 June

For more water-related jobs, please visit www.joshswaterjobs.com

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