World Water Day 22 March 2018: let's improve these 10 Wikipedia articles - do you have photos of World Water Day activities to share quickly?

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Re: Contributing to World Water Day 22 March 2018: help us to improve these 10 Wikipedia articles

Dear Elisabeth,

Thanks for your efforts and excellent work regarding the Wikipedia articles. But I do not see this as a campaign, it should be an ongoing process and it would be nice if we could attract more young colleagues. At least to encourage them to contribute more actively and to help them learn how to do it. So, for the next World water day, may be we should just summarize what has been done during the past year.

Best regards,
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Re: Contributing to World Water Day 22 March 2018: help us to improve these 10 Wikipedia articles

I do agree that keeping public education on our minds year-round would be ideal. Should we create a larger, more well-defined team that works on topics year round? Maybe 4 different teams for the 4 different international observance days? (Water, Toilets, Hand-washing, Menstrual Health) Deadlines do work for me. The evidence: most of what I did on Wikipedia was done in the two days before 22 March.

We do have to accept that this is volunteer work. We want to make it easy for people to move in and out based on what works for them. For example, one person said, "After spending my whole day on WASH, I'm probably not going to volunteer my evenings for WASH, too." A few weeks later, though, she dug into one article she knew a lot about and ended up having fun making it better.

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