Concept of Massive Open Online Courses for SUSANA and its members & users?


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Concept of Massive Open Online Courses for SUSANA and its members & users?

Dear Colleagues from WG1,

I came across this concept of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), an innovative, disruptive trend that is probably changing the way people teach and learn across the world.

It is a concept for "Empowering Learning Through Community".

Blackboard CourseSites are a platform/tool to support open education opportunities and MOOCs, a free, hosted and scalable online learning platform.

People can create on that platform for free courses and others can use this courses for free.

Maybe SUSANA can take the lead to create free Sustainable Sanitation courses together with susana-members like UNESCO-IHE or SEI and others, using much as possible already existing materials (managing an information overload).

I will try out for free a " Circular Economy - Online Course " which will start on 10.06.2013, on Blackboard CourseSites, the course, will run live webinars. Maybe you will participate in this experiment?

What is your opinion?

Best Regards,

Detlef SCHWAGER, AquaVerde Ltd. Zanzibar
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