Strengthening Capacities in Water Intergrity Management


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Strengthening Capacities in Water Intergrity Management

The Integrity Management Toolbox, established by cewas international centre for water management services and WIN Water Integrity Network, contributes effectively to building integrity management capacity.

How the toolbox works
The Integrity Management Toolbox provides a systematic bottom-up approach to tackling governance issues in the water sector. Instead of a moralizing approach, the Integrity Management Toolbox offers a business-oriented perspective that turns integrity challenges into business opportunities. The Integrity Management Toolbox initiates an integrity change process that aims to increase the level of integrity and hence the (economic) performance of those using the toolbox. Starting point is an initial two-day workshop, during which stakeholders from water sector institutions (such as formal water service providers or small and medium sized enterprises) conduct a participatory risk analysis and an assessment of available integrity instruments. To initiate an integrity change process that will lead to an “integrity-improved business model”, a concrete road map for the implementation of appropriate instruments is developed and implemented under the support and guidance from external coaches.

Adaptability of the toolbox to country contexts
The IM toolbox may be easily adapted to the local water sector and the target public. So far three country versions of the toolbox were successfully field-tested in Zambia (for SME) and Kenya (for water service providers). Another toolbox for Indonesian water service providers is under way. The electronic versions of the toolboxes can be downloaded here:

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