UPGro: major research grant for groundwater & poverty studies in Sub-Saharan Africa


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UPGro: major research grant for groundwater & poverty studies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dear SuSanA groundwater experts,
UPGro: Unlocking the Potential for Groundwater for the Poor is a UK-funded research programme, and we at Skat/RWSN are the Knowledge Brokers. So we're excited to announce a new call for research proposals:

This £12m programme is an international programme funding interdisciplinary research, generating evidence and innovative tools to enable developing countries and their partners in sub-Saharan Africa to use groundwater in a sustainable way for the ultimate benefit of the poor.

This call is for outline Consortium Grant proposals which will provide an opportunity for the world's best researchers to undertake large-scale, complex and interdisciplinary social and natural science research addressing the programme's aim of enabling sustainable use of groundwater for the benefit of the poor. It is also an opportunity to further develop interdisciplinary teams that bring together developing and developed country scientists.

Proposals are invited for funding of up to £1·9m (FEC). This call has a total available budget of up to £7·6m. Projects will be funded for a maximum duration of four years.

For more details visit: www.nerc.ac.uk/research/programmes/upgro/events/ao2014.asp

If you want to look for potential Consortium partners, we are encouraging people to post who they are, where they are and their research interests on the RWSN Groundwater group: dgroups.org/RWSN/groundwater

It would be great to see some studies that include a sanitation-groundwater component!




Note by moderator: see also UpGro's website: upgro.org/

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