Arsenic contaminated tube wells (Bangladesh)


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Re: Arsenic contaminated tube wells (Bangladesh)

Dear Abdul Wahed,

as this is a forum on sanitation and not water supply, don't be surprised if you do not get many answers here. A better entry point to contact with experts in the field may be the rural water supply network RWSN: They don't have a forum like this but a email-list (dgroups), facebook page or you just contact the secretariat.

Ok, I myelf have some rough ideas, recently I did a (very short) literature review on the arsenic issue in Bangladesh. As I read, the main mitigation strategies are to screen existing water points and mark them as safe and as unsafe, and to provide safe water points based on safe ground water or surface water.

As for treatment of contaminated water, here what I concluded from the review:

"Different technologies for household or community based treatment for arsenic removal have been introduced with Government approval, but their use has not been widespread so far. Arsenic removal technologies are comparatively expensive, require regular monitoring and replacement of exhausted filter media to ensure their performance, and their performance is very variable regionally. For the time being, arsenic removal is not considered sustainable for medium or long term use."

See also the quite comprehensive report by the Government and Unicef .

Nevertheless here some links with info on options for arsenic removal technologies:

Best, Florian

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Re: Arsenic contaminated tube wells (Bangladesh)

Maybe you are aware of this publication.
It seems as a good starting point to me.


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Arsenic contaminated tube wells (Bangladesh)

Dear Sir

I read your posting in susana site. I am a NGO representative working in Bangladesh. I our country arsenic contaminated is the major problems of our village based tube-well. If you have any modern cost effective removal technology or model for the vulnerable villagers then please provide me the model or technology.

Thanking you with kind regards

Md. Abdul Wahed Executive Director Eakok Attomanobik Unnayan Sangstha Bangladesh 88-01711457773

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