Drought, Land subsidence , safe artificial watershed recharging


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Drought, Land subsidence , safe artificial watershed recharging

Long drought and wide ground water(as main water supply) exploitation in Iran as water scarce and semi dried country with less than 200 milliliter annually, gradually shows its consequences such as watershed droping and very dangerous events such as Land subsidence in many regions almost main plains water resources under crisis condition ,climate change and warming are intensifying factors.

Rain water drainng and Water scarcity are also causes of dried rivers and lake water decreasing it makes great threat for biodiversity and wildlife and ecosystem.

One strategic and holistic approach to mitigate drought consequence is artificial watershed recharging particular decentralized waste water treatment such as wetland reconstruction and water recycling using sanitation approach , changing agriculture irrigation systems and as fresh water saving up in this vital sector.

But unfortunately it seems responding to this great threat is very slow and time does not run perfectly.

Researcher and consultant

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