Upcoming: MRR talk #6 Services in informal settlements | 29 November | 10am CET


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Upcoming: MRR talk #6 Services in informal settlements | 29 November | 10am CET

Dear colleagues,
We invite you to join the Make Rights Real (MRR) talk on Tuesday, 29 November (10am CET – 12noon Nairobi – 2.30pm Delhi):
“Working on the long game: Understanding and addressing root causes for the lack of services in informal settlements”
Register here: 
Informal settlements are home to more than one billion people in cities across the world. These marginalised communities lack all types of adequate services, including water and sanitation, housing, education, and health. This exclusion is political. Informal settlements often go uncounted, face the threat of forced eviction, and are denied adequate services. 
With our guests Jacqueline Cuyler and Benazir Omotto we will explore the multi-faceted nature of this marginalisation: Its reasons, its human rights implications, and what it means for organisations working on WASH in informal settlements.
  • Jacqueline Cuyler (she/her) is the operating director and co-founder of 1to1 Agency of Engagement, which focuses on technical support to informal communities in South Africa. Jacqueline has experience working in many varied forms of design, construction, and communication throughout Southern Africa, including work in the mining towns of North Western Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as support for urban upgrading for youth violence prevention projects in Kinshasa.
  • Benazir Omotto Douglas (she/her) is the Acting Managing Trustee of Umande Trust, a rights-based organisation working in informal urban settlements in Kenya to alleviate inequalities of access to different resources, including water, sanitation, other human rights, as well as expanding access to information and political power. Benazir has a background in Environmental Planning and Management and is also a member of the programmatic communication platform where she undertakes climate change advocacy.
What is Make Rights Real?     
Make Rights Real is an initiative dedicated to advancing the use of human rights in practice in the WASH sector at the local level. The initiative shows how the human rights to water and sanitation can be used at the local level so that government institutions take more and better action to realise services for all. Find out more about the initiative and its MRR talk and open hour events here: www.human-rights-to-water-and-sanitation.org
For those who can’t join live, we will make a recording available on our website:  
Looking forward to meeting you on the 29th!
Best wishes

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