Upcoming: Make Rights Real (MRR) talk: Open hour | 31 October | 10am CET


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MRR talk: Open hour | 31 October | 10am CET

Dear colleagues,
Many of you already use the human rightsto water and sanitation in your work. Many others would like to do so (more). And all of us have questions, important experiences or face challenges. Wherever we work, we can learn from each other by asking questions and sharing
our experiences.
Please join “Make Rights Real talk: Openhour” on Monday, 31 October, at 10am CET to share, discuss and learn with and from each other. Register here: bit.ly/3gpxjgK
Waiting for you willbe two experts on working with the human rights to water and sanitation:
  • Bikash Kumar Pati is Technical Specialist – Water at WaterAid India. He is an experienced advocate for the rights to water and sanitation of excluded and marginalised people and provides technical support to government duty bearers - from local to state and national level in India.
  • Tseguereda Abraham is the Senior WASH Manager – Governance, Rights and Accountability in WaterAid UK. She has ample experience applying a multitude of rights-based and other advocacy tools in the WASH sector and beyond and at local and global level.  
The “MRR talk: Open hour” is an online talk to discuss anything related to working with the human rights to water and sanitation at the local level. There is no set agenda – simply join at any time and listen in, ask a question or share an experience. The discussion is moderated
by Hannah Neumeyer (Make Rights Real).
If you can’t make it this time, then look out for announcements in the future. MRR talk: Open hour happens every second month and has a great panel of experts. For more information, see here: human-rights-to-water-and-sanitation.org/mrrtalk-openhour/  
What is Make Rights Real?
Make Rights Real is an initiative dedicated to advancing the use of human rights in practice in the WASH sector at local level. They want to show how the human rights to water and sanitation can be used at local level, so that government institutions take more and better action to realise services for all. Find out more about the initiative and its MRR talk open hours here: www.human-rights-to-water-and-sanitation.org
We hope to hear you on 31 October!
Best wishes

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