New research from WIN/SERI


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New research from WIN/SERI

Dear all,

There is a new research published by WIN and SERI uploaded the SuSanA Library

The publishers: South African Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI) and the international Water Integrity Network (WIN) discuss the following issues based on research conducted by SERI in Siyanda, Marikana and Ratanang, three informal settlements in South Africa, and by partners in Mukuru, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya:
  • People living in informal settlements (slums) typically lack access to essential services. 
  • They pay more per litre for precarious, potentially unsafe water than residents in wealthier areas.
  • They have limited access to toilets;
  • They rely on shared latrines, self-dug pits or overflowing chemical latrines.
Lack of integrity and corruption contribute to the failure to deliver services, reinforcing existing inequalities in access to water and sanitation, diverting resources from where they are most needed, and reducing the quality and availability of services.

The paper shows how an integrity focus can help to achieve human rights obligations and how a human rights focus improves integrity and reduces opportunities for corruption.

What do you think of this report? Is this happening in your country too? Happy to learn and discuss.

Kind regards, 
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