Announcing the #MakeRightsReal campaign


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Announcing the #MakeRightsReal campaign

Dear colleagues,
we’re excited to announce that as of today, the #MakeRightsRealcampaign is ready to be shared! 
Before the campaign starts this 30 September, we are sharing information about the campaign with you - and hope you will be excited and take part! 
What is the campaign about?
10 years after the human rights to water and sanitation were first recognised, the #MakeRightsReal campaign has three aims: 
·        Enable you to share your experiences of working with the human rights to water and sanitation in practice
·        Provide a platform for you to demand more action to#MakeRightsReal
·        Bring much needed attention and more support to this work, so that we can all #MakeRightsReal
Speaking together, we can show the potential of human rights - and demand more recognition and support for this vital work! 
And here is how you come in! 
You are already using human rights in your work? You think moreshould be done? Here is what you can do leading up to the campaign start on 30 September: 
·        Learn everything you need to know to take part in the campaign here .
·        Prepare a story to share on social media. You will find inspiration in the Campaign Guide and materials.
·        You know someone who you think should share their experience? Tell them about the campaign! 
·        Follow @RealiseHRWS on Twitter and @RealiseHRWS on Facebook and share information through your own channels.
And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! 
Why a campaign? 
Many WASH sectorpractitioners already use human rights in their work: Understanding inequalities in the enjoyment of services enables targeted planning to reach equality. With access to information for and participation by service users, their needs can be understood and met. If accountability is part of the service system, it will become more sustainable. All these are human rights principles and integrating them into practice yields results – and makes rights real!

10 years after the human rights to water and sanitation were first recognised, it is high time to focus on the potential of these rights to catalye progress towards services for all - and to ensure more attention, recognition and support for this vital work! The #MakeRightsReal campaign aims to achieve this by showcasing experiences and demanding more action. Because it’s time to #MakeRightsReal!

We are looking forward to a great campaign start this 30 September.
All the best
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