Homeless International's learning briefs published


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Homeless International's learning briefs published

Hello everybody,

We in Homeless International recently published two "learning briefs" using experience from a project in Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, supporting local NGOs to scale-up sanitation work in urban areas (including a lot of ecosan ones).

The first learnibg brief explores the relationship between land tenure and sanitation. It highlights lessons in four areas: the importance of community-led surveys; changing perceptions of sanitation provision for the urban poor; integrating tenure and sanitation; and tenant-landlord relations.

The second learning brief examines the relationship between water and sanitation and empowerment. The learning brief explores how community-led water and sanitation provision supports and creates opportunities for social empowerment as well as how it could hinder empowerment.

Any feedback on these will be appreciated!

Rémi Kaupp
Rémi Kaupp
Urban Sanitation Advisor, WaterAid

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Re: Homeless International's learning briefs published

We will start a implementation of Toiletes in the City of Rio de Janeiro. So thanks for the document. Soon as possible we will share the progress
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