Demonstrate and validate full-scale P-recovery @ P-REX EU 7th Framework Project


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Demonstrate and validate full-scale P-recovery @ P-REX EU 7th Framework Project

The following info taken from the SCOPE newsletter no.88 ( ):

P-REX is a 3-year European Union funded programme bringing together 9 industry partners and 6 scientific institutes, which will demonstrate full-scale P-recovery, examine the technical and economic conditions of different phosphorus recovery and recycling routes operating in Europe, quantify market potential, and define strategies for developing P-recovery from municipal wastewater in different conditions.

The P-REX project launch meeting took place on 24th September 2012 and the project will run for three years to autumn 2015.

Project lead will be with KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB)

Results will be published here:

P-REX builds on recent European Union funded projects looking at sewage sludge handling (ROUTES, ANPHOS, SUSAN & SUSYPHOS, NEPTUNE, HORIZONTAL, END-O-SLUDGE).

The aim of P-REX is to bring together information on different promising technologies for phosphorus recovery and recycling from municipal wastewater, and to assess the technological, economic and agronomic potential of full-scale processes in three technology routes:

  • P-recovery from sewage sludge incineration ash,
  • P-recovery from sludge liquors,
  • use of biosolids on arable land.

I believe this will go in line with the EU resolution from May 24th 2012 which particularly mentions phosphorus as a recoverable resource.
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