Shall we fear medical residues or fear Sewage ?


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Shall we fear medical residues or fear Sewage ?

To promote our fertilizing solutions in garden centers I just released two new documents.

The first document explains the risks of medical residues.

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The second doc explains the actual risks we are facing with sewage systems :

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High levels of medicals residues in certain meats have already been demonstrated in the past.

This concern with meat is real and standards now exist.

But in real life, available data are showing it is very safe to eat root-fertilizer vegetables using urine from anyone.

The living soil does its preventive work of decomposing medical residues and the plant roots are super-filtering.

The precise application with the Solar-Dripper provides an added safety by avoiding leaf deposits. .

Even with old methods, I have still have not found a single case of a person falling ill by this theoretical mode of medical residue absorption in plants.

With chemical fertilizer, there are thousands of deaths from explosions in France, US, Germany, China etc.

By keeping your eyes open you can clearly see the benefits of spreading urine over huge areas to decompose these residues harmlessly.

You can do it today in your garden, eat your symbiotic fruits  and we will all swim in cleaner rivers and seas.
Robert Cossette
Robert Cossette

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