Linking improvement in sanitation with food security - example from Rwanda


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Linking improvement in sanitation with food security - example from Rwanda

" How Rwanda Red Cross connected the use of human urine to food security "

Since it has become a bit quiet here in this section ;)

The article has some nice photos and videos about urine diversion toilets build in Rwanda.
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Re: Article about Urine reuse example in Rwanda

Thanks Kris for sharing this very informative piece. Are you aware of its if this was replicated in other schools? or elsewhere? It is an excellent example for replication including in India. Can be converged with the mid-day meal scheme through which students are provided meals in the school. I am not sure if parents are required to contribute but know that though it is a substantial spending the rate (per student) is abysmally low. Would be great if costs related information could be available. (I could not find more about the project through a simple search) 

The piece also reminded me of experiments by Scott in China, they posted about it in this thread

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