Golden Ribbon Committee - Regulation for Urine Reuse in the US


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Golden Ribbon Committee - Regulation for Urine Reuse in the US

The Rich Earth Institute , Nutrient Networks , and Recode have teamed up to create a new committee to support the future of urine
reclamation in the United States - and you're invited to join! Through this collaborative project, we will work to advance the regulation of urine reuse. Our project goal is to create rules and policies for a national urine reuse standard that can then be adopted into state and local site development and building codes.

We've created a survey for you to express your level of interest and be included in our future communications on this project. Read more about it in our post in the resource recovery forum here.

To support this process, we have created a folder containing our working documents and other relevant information. All participants in the Gold Ribbon Committee will have access to the folder - just complete the google form to join!
*Reclaiming urine as a resource*

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