Reply: Human urine fertiliser as a business in Malawi.


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Re: Reply: Human urine fertiliser as a business in Malawi.

Dear Chaiwe

Yes there are many published references on the urine medical residues.

Like any fertilizer or manure, the required precautions are in fact for the workers who must have adequate protection to avoid skin or respiratory contact.  Workers just needs some appropriate tools to avoid splashing.

After 5 years of tests and exchanges with wordwide specialists and review of the literature my conclusion is totally favorable to the use of human urine.

I have not found any case of someone affected by a medical residue from urine-fertilized cultures. There are thousands of other toxic possibilities in agriculture. For exemple with chemical fertilizers and residues of cadmium from phosphorus. Chemicals used on farms are damaging soil and can affect the health of farmers.

Concerning urine medical residues:

- The SEI repport explains how the soil is more effective at degrading medical waste than sewage systems.

- Hammer and Clemens have published a repport in 2007 showing that human urine contains LESS medical residues than farm manure. 

- In USA, the Rich Earth Institute showed me their measurements made on lettuce medical uptake. It would take you thousands of years of daily consumption to have the equivalent of a daily dose of medicine.

I continued my research comparing the mode of absorption of molecules by plants vs animals. 

Plant roots are 100 to 10 000 times more selective.  Plants do not absorb large carbon molecules like our digestive systems.  Plants absorb water and smaller minerals ions.   Therefore medical residues ( larger molecules) remain longer in the soil to continue their peaceful degradation.

In short, I continue to treat myself and to make taste the cultures of my Symbiotic garden. 
The growth is super. I never had such a high sugar content in my tomatoes ( 12.2 °Bx).

My visitors enjoy it in France just like other studies in Finland, Sweden, USA, Swiss and Africa show that these crops are delicious.

See it in this video:

Enjoy !

Robert Cossette

I had responded to rumors and fears conveyed in France on this subject at the beginning of the year. 
See my letter and some pictures of the garden.
Robert Cossette
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Re: Reply: Human urine fertiliser as a business in Malawi.

Adding a  reference to another side of this fertilizer or manure discussion, also from Malawi:

Mallory, A., Holm R. and Crapper M. “When faecal sludge reuse doesn’t work: a look at access for the poorest and people with disabilities in urban Malawi” at the 41st WEDC International Conference, Nakuru, Kenya from 9th – 13th July 2018.
Rochelle Holm, Ph.D., PMP
Mzuzu (Malawi)
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